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Zalany łzami, śniło mu się, że
Że jego dusza już umie latać
Rozłożył ręce, chyba tego chce
I jego oczy mówią "leć"...
— Enej
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Generally I don't like him and this pop-style but I think that this and "What goes around comes around" are not that bad. Honestly - I like these two... Such a shame... :P

Girl I refuse, you must have me confused 
With some other guy 
Your bridges were burned, and now it's your turn 
To cry.
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Plans and schemes, hopes and fears 
Dreams I deny for all these years 
I... I've been thinking about you, baby 
Living with me. Wow...
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I want to complain. Florence made me emotional again.
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And it finds me 
The fight inside is coursing through my veins 
And it's raging 
The fight inside is hurting me again 
And it finds me 
The war within me pulls me under 
And without you 
The fight inside is breaking me again 
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